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SaaS Packages

All you want to know about our SaaS packages and features which are better than the big players have!

Getting Started

Find out how to set up apps and basic steps for using your apps as Super Admin, Courier, Customer, Restaurant/Any Store Owner.

API & Integrations

Everything you want to find out about APIs (application program interface). API - a ​set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software apps.

Super Admin Panel

Super Admin is the owner for the whole site, the only person who has access through the entire site - the panel, restaurant & courier management app.

Courier/Delivery App

Find out how the App looks like & works from the courier perspective.

Restaurant/Store Admin

Learn about this management panel, setting up Facebook ordering, menus, promotions, rewards, dispatch, customer orders at the store's side,​ etc.

Customer Apps

Learn how things look like and how to navigate through the Customer iOS & Android apps. See menus, filters, the payment process, and more.

In-app Payments

Learn how to manage payments with Zeew Pay and COD.

DEMO & Tutorials

Find our DEMO & Tutorial videos to learn about the ​desktop, iOS, and Android App functionality.

Permissions, Privacy and T&C

Learn about the app permission structure, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions,​ and our global GDPR taking care of security and privacy rights.

Accounts & Billing

Learn about our subscription, billing, upgrade, downgrade, cancellation, and refund policies.

Technical Questions

Here are general questions you might ask about some function setup, like Facebook integration.

Zeew's FAQs

Get answers to FAQs about Zeew.