Here in detail are listed all steps after you made your subscription purchase for one of Zeew's packages. Learn how to set up a marketplace.

Type in your web browser: > Login (top right corner)

1) Type your store name in the newly opened window. Type the name like this “”.

Use symbol “-” if the store consists of 2 words & add “” at the end.

2) Use your login credentials (demo example)

3) Change your API key so that Google maps location for customers would work when they're looking for your stores in the web app.

  • Choose Settings > Third party credentials > Google api key > insert your unique Google key > click “submit” button.

  • Don't know where to find your Google API key? Go to Google console or Google the process to find it.

5) Fill website information:

a) Settings > Site settings > Site > upload your “logo”, “favicon”, choose address mode “google” (for users to search location by typing street name) or “normal” (for search through city and post index) > click “submit” button

Store example

b) Site settings > Contact (fill in your information as the Super Admin user. Super Admin access belongs just to the delivery business owner, Zeew script client) > click “submit

c) Site settings > Location (fill your store's address) > click “submit

  1. By default, we'll show here the country you've used during the purchase

  2. To change the country choose from the left vertical menu Location > Country > search or add a country (the status column on the right should show a ✅ when the country is enabled).

  3. Now add the state by going Location > State > add the state > enable it with a

  4. Now add the city by going Location > City > fill the form > enable it with a ✅

  5. Finish up by adding a Zip code for maximum area search accuracy. Go Location > Zipcode > enable it with a

d) Site settings > fill all other columns in this section

Start onboarding your clients - fill store info (menus, etc.)

Start filling info in this sequence:

  1. > Category (chose on the left vertical menu bar) - e.g., burgers, pizza, bread, pastries, pasta > click “submit

> Cuisines - e.g., Arab, Italian, Mexican, etc.

> Addons

> Restaurants > Restaurants manage (details of function you can enable)

  • To add a restaurant, click “add new” at the top right corner

  • Now fill in the information in all columns

> Restaurant info -

  • 1. If you decide to mark a restaurant as “popular” under the Restaurant info column, it will appear in the “trending near you” section in the customer apps. You can charge restaurants some fee if you are setting them up as trending.

  • 2. FOS in this section is “food ordering system”. Choose both if you want to enable orders from these restaurants through both web and app versions.

  • 3. Dispatch - if you click “yes”, the restaurant owner will have to control dispatch, if you click “no” Super admin will automatically offer dispatch to couriers from your platform.

  • 4. Username - the login name used by restaurant owner and kitchen.

  • 5. Fill Delivery info - if you choose circle mode it looks like this in the picture below. (First, choose the distance. Now in the window under it choose the price for the delivery for this distance.)

Now fill in all other column questions (Restaurants > Restaurant manage >... )

  • Order info

  • Commission

  • Payment Methods

  • Invoice period (how often you send invoices to the stores)

  • Meta tag (title + keywords + description for better appearance in Google search)

  • Promotion (can add here your promotional banners, currently function under construction)

  • Reward points (helps in client retention and loyalty). Here you can enable the reward points, but to set them up choose from the left vertical menu
    Rewards > fill in data. After filling data go back to Restaurant you were setting up and fill in column > Bank info (for generating invoices)

🎉 Hurray! You have successfully registered a restaurant!

You can do 2 things here:

1) click “Script” on “Options” column and give this snippet link to the restaurant owner to paste on their website so an “order now” button would appear there.

2) set-up a password at Reset password under Options column for this restaurant for login purposes in their kitchen app.

The last step to finish is to set up the restaurant menu in the (left vertical menu bar) Restaurants > Restaurant Manage section. Example setup:

When all info is filled, you can test your ready web ordering page here

Type stores new web order address in the browser, e.g. demo store:

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 00.12.02

In Addition, there is a video below that shows step by step how to set up your first restaurant a more

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