Find out about delivery vs pick-up functionality, delivery details, payment options.

  • By choosing the pick-up option, a delivery fee will not be added. It's added only when the delivery option is chosen.

  • By clicking the check-out button, addresses added by the customers will be displayed on the left and menu orders on the right.

  • Underneath the delivery address, delivery details ASAP/Later are displayed. If the customer selects Later, the customer needs to choose the pick-up/delivery date and time.

  • Underneath the delivery details, there is an optional text box Any instruction for delivery, where the customer can give extra instructions, e.g. allergy info, etc.

  • Underneath Any instructions for delivery, payment types will be displayed, e.g. Zeew Wallet, COD (cash on delivery), PayPal, VISA Card, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover network payment cards.

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