Do I need personal Google Maps API keys?

✅ Yes, it is important to have your own Google Maps API Keys. They can be used on both commercial and non-profit websites as long as your site meets the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service.

For more details please visit:

Make sure billing is enabled for your Google API account!


Please make sure you enable all the below features for your API KEY otherwise some services might not work as it should

  • Places API

  • Playable Locations API

  • Maps Embed API

  • Maps JavaScript API

  • Distance Matrix API

  • Maps SDK for iOS

  • Maps SDK for Android

  • Maps Elevation API

  • Directions API

  • Geocoding API

  • Geolocation API

  • Firebase Installations API

More information on how to setup your Google API key

If you have any issues please contact [email protected]

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