First of all let's activate the ZeewPay option

Follow this steps to activate the ZeewPay:

1. Login to the SuperAdmin and go to ZeewPay Settings in the main menu.
2. Fill the form with your information.
3. After submitting the form you will receive an "API Key".
4. Go to Business Settings in the main menu >> Payment Settings >> Add Payment Method Keys, and fill in the API Key in the ZeewPay Tab.

ZewPay Settings

Payment Settings

ZeewPay Tab

After the customer selects items for purchase,​ the ordering apps offer to use a wallet (besides the cash on delivery option). Learn about the payment process, vouchers, and the ​next steps towards delivery.


  • If the sum of the order is smaller or the same as the wallet's balance, the user can place it by clicking the proceed button.

  • If the sum of the order is bigger than the wallet's balance, the user can't place an order. The user should select instead another payment method (credit card/cash on delivery). If the user clicks on proceed without selecting any payment method, an error "Please select the payment" will display.

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