Food ordering process example

See the process in webpage and Android or iOS view.

Via webpage:

Via the Android or iOS mobile app:


The process

    • When the customer searches for the restaurant by using the area name, the restaurant list will be displayed as in the picture above.
    • If the restaurant is closed for the current time/current day, the order button will be changed to pre-order.
    • Offers near you, delivery restaurants, and collection restaurants are the filters used to filter the restaurants.
    • Banners are displayed on the top of the page. They can be added in the Admin panel. Each banner has a link.
    • On the left side, restaurants can be filtered by cuisine.

Restaurant selection

    • By selecting any restaurant, it redirects to the "restaurant menu details" page.
    • The restaurant menu details page displays the restaurant logo, restaurant name, restaurant address, delivery time, minimum order value, delivery fee, ratings of the restaurant, and distance in miles.
    • Underneath it, displays a full menu provided by the restaurant, special offers, information about the restaurant, reviews of the restaurant, and book a table option. 


    • When the customer clicks on the menu, a pop-up will be displayed.
    • Menus can be filtered by the select category and search menu text box.
    • Menu displays hold menu names, descriptions of the menu, and price value with price symbol.
    • Customers can open the menu pop-up by merely clicking on the ➕ button.
    • By selecting the menu, one can add pop-up displays for customers to view the menu name, price, add-ons for the menu’s
There must be a set up of a minimum number of add-ons and a maximum number. The restaurant is the one setting add-ons. The customer will put the quantity.
      • After selecting all the requirements for the food and clicking the add to cart button, the total gets displayed on the right side of the menu details.
      • Customers can increase/decrease the quantity, and view the selected sub-add-ons, delivery charge, menu name,  and delete the menu. Also, you can see the subtotal, tax (if restaurant adds), total value, minimum order.
      • Here the user can also change the order type to delivery/pick-up.