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Order confirmation and types of special offers

Order confirmation and delivery

  • After a customer submits a payment, a restaurant/store is notified about the order. Once a restaurant/store confirms the order, its status will change in the customer's "Order history" details.
  • After the status is changed to "delivered", the customer can give a one-time rating to the restaurant/store.
  • Once the restaurant/store changes the status of the order as rejected or delivered, it automatically changes also in the customer's order history.
  • For the delivery orders, customers can track their orders on the live map. This live customer tracking option will be enabled automatically once the Driver collects the order from that corresponding restaurant/store.

Types of special offers

If the restaurant/store has special offers, they will be displayed in the offers field as:

    • First User Offer - applies for a customer's first time order in any of the restaurants/stores; it will be effective if the order is placed above some particular amount. This can be set-up at the back-end (Super Admin).
    • Normal Offer - applies when the order is placed above some amount, and it will be set at the back-end.
    • Free Delivery Offer - applies when the order equals or is higher than the Free Delivery value.


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