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Restaurant panel login and dashboard

Sign up

There are two types of sign-up available, by:

    • Frontend panel,
    • Admin panel.

When the user signs up by the "Frontend panel", the user is required to give only the basic information because detailed info will be given through the "Admin panel" or by logging in to that restaurant in the "Restaurant panel".

When the user signs up through the "Admin panel", the Admin will enter all of the restaurant details.

Users can sign in to the "Restaurant panel" only after the status of that restaurant is activated by the Admin.

Sign in

Restaurant owners can log in using the email ID and password given to them.

By clicking the forgot password link and writing the exact email address, one receives forgotten details information via email for a reset.


Once the restaurant owner enters the email and password, he/she is redirected to the “Restaurant owners" panel.

The dashboard includes all information about the restaurant and order details.

Restaurant owners can view here such analytics - sales, delivered orders, order numbers, and amount of customers.

The left side displays all restaurant-related information - orders, dispatch, pick-up order, report, category, settings, manage menu, add-ons, invoice, reports, offers, book a table, and driver details. By clicking any of these fields you're redirected to the corresponding field.


Learn about Restaurant/Store panel settings in this article: Restaurant/Store panel settings.