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Restaurant panel settings

See the features you can set up in the ​Restaurant management panel

Contact information 

  1. Here the basic information of the owner is held - phone number, email ID, and address.
  2. Restaurant information - the place for entering the basic information of the restaurant. Customers can view:
    • restaurant logos,
    • opening/closing time (when dates are set up, they will automatically appear in the store's apps as open or closed on those particular days),
    • tax %,
    • cuisine,
    • visibility (FOS, external, both),
    • Do you want to dispatch? (Yes/No),
    • delivery (Yes/No),
    • pickup (Yes/No),
    • book a table (Yes/No),
    • about the restaurant,
    • username.

Delivery info

If the restaurant has the delivery option, the owner can edit its settings.

The user can set:

    • delivery estimation time,
    • the minimum order for delivery,
    • the free delivery amount,
    • the map mode (Polygon 🔺/ Circle  ⚪).
  1. When circle mode is selected, radius distance and charge for delivery also must be entered. Multiple radius values can be added, and the map will display them all.
  2. When polygon mode is selected, the user needs to draw those polygons in the map by clicking on the hand ✋🏻 icon on the map. Afterward, set up the delivery charge.